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blog 15.7.22The parent of a recent Springer graduate sent this letter to Admission Director Carmen Mendoza.


blog 15.7.14Once parents experience Springer through their children’s eyes, they can’t help but become fans of Springer.  One parent even said, “I wish all children could go to a place like Springer.”


blog 15.7.8Kids feel different once they begin school at Springer, and so do their parents. When children are unhappy, often times parents are hurting for their children. It is no wonder that all the parents interviewed felt a sense of relief once their child began the Springer Experience. “Now I can go back to parenting, instead of instructing, advocating, and standing up for my child,” said one. “I trust the Springer experts.”


blog 15.7.2Students and parents come to Springer from all over the Cincinnati region. Students and parents transition from Springer back into other environments. What happens in between can be an experience that can have a lasting impact. Lots of hard work by the students, parents and staff at Springer School and Center takes place, so that this time in a child’s life is a meaningful one.


Jacob peeked through the front door window to see if he could spot his mom or dad in the kitchen. He was at his family home to surprise his dad on Father’s Day. He rang the door bell in rapid succession, and thought to himself that it might have been a bad idea to come all that way and find them not at home.


Keep Calm and Carry OnKEEP CALM AND CARRY ON should be the mantra while trying to juggle all of the processes and routines we put in place to support organizational and academic success for our children.


blog 15.5.21She sat staring at the PowerPoint presentation beaming from the whiteboard. It was taking everything she had to stay with the lecture. “SLANT,” she thought, as she struggled to hang on.


blog 15.5.14It’s possible you have heard the answer to this one before. If you attended the Dr. Peg Dawson follow-up conversation in March, you definitely know the punch line...‘One bite at a time.’


blog 15.5.7Modern technology has made our lives so much easier. We can communicate quickly with someone through text or a one-sentence email. We can dictate reports instead of using the keyboard. Our children can look up solutions to math problems and watch someone work the problem online, read original newspaper accounts of historical events or do research on a topic for an essay.


blog 15.5.1Recently parents of students in 7th through 12th grade gathered at Springer School and Center for a follow-up discussion about the challenges they face in helping their sons and daughters prioritize and follow through on their commitments. Parents described the challenges related to helping their students focus on schoolwork instead of social media, electronic games and jobs.